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Programmatic Buying & Real Time Bidding

Expansion. Continuous expansion. Daily, every hour or even every second. Digital inventory size keeps expanding every moment with the introduction of new web properties and the enhancement of existing ones. Dropouts are not comparable to new entries and expansions though. Therefore, digital media inventories up for sale are not only diving into stiff competition but also introducing new methods allowing advertisers reaching out to their premium users.

Often, first cut of inventories go to hand sold sponsorship and premium inventory arrangements that has better commercial value to the media owner and wider opportunities to the advertisers. Although, while this represents over two-thirds of the total revenue to the media owner, inventory utilization is generally not one third of the total potential. Sales priority continues with hand sold audience targeted inventories, targeted inventories sold to other advertising exchanges and subsequently the remnant inventory sold to advertising networks.

Teams involved in above said processes are media teams, programmatic buying experts and private advertising exchanges on real time bidding platforms. Osprey Media Lab is an expert in media sales and programmatic buying fields and offers great convenience and reliability to its clients through its solid philosophy: Programmatic is an automation of process and decisions, driven by data, powered through machines. Especially at Demand Side Platform (DSP) operations management, Osprey Media Lab streamlines buying processes from advertising exchanges, Supply Side Platforms (SSP) and other networks. It enables campaigns to be delivered via the pool of possibly over 15 billion impressions every single day, provides stronger pricing power to its clients with better control and adds great convenience unifying campaign reports via real time reporting at single dashboards.

Osprey Media Lab reflects its expertise and assists its clients in universal targeting, picking the required impressions and bids at the impression level, making real time buying decisions and leveraging granular level of reporting findings for better optimization of the digital campaigns.

To boost your campaign efficiencies and exploit the full potential of digital advertising, contact us now.


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