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Say goodbye to underperforming banners!

Osprey Media Lab is the official partner for Adzymic in Singapore 


Adzymic is a next generation Dynamic Creative Management and Optimization platform that helps advertisers create high performing native display ads with a range of creative ad formats, simplify the creative development and management process and optimize and personalize advertising and scale.

Turn HTML5 Banners into High Performing Content Ad Units


Adzymic makes banners work harder for you.

Shift away from traditional flat banner creatives to Content Ad Units that provide a flexible canvas across a range of creative ad formats that allow for better brand storytelling to performance based ads that help brands sell.

Create Ad Content Units in 5 Minutes 


No design experience required.

Create ad content units are as simple as just adding a title and a URL. As easy as sharing a post on social media!

Works With All Major DSPs and Ad Servers 


From ad creation to launch. Programmatically.

Adzymic integrate seamlessly with industry leading Ad Servers and major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).

Beyond A/B Testing. Optimize your Ad in Real-Time 


Just set it up and let us pick the best ads to serve.

Using Machine Learning Algorithm, Adzymic's proprietary optimization engine takes away the guess work, analyze each impression and select the best ads to be served. Need to edit the headlines and images when your campaign is live? Edit them directly through the platform, and your ad will be served immediately. No more static creative file transfers.

Mobile Optimized 


Of course, Adzymic support mobile advertising.

Adzymic is AMP Ads Ready; AMP Ads are 6x faster and 3x lighter than regular ads on AMP pages.

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