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End-to-end targeted creative
+ holistic media approach to drive awareness to action

The Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) platform is a technology solution that enables advertisers to create, manage and deliver personalized and highly relevant digital advertising content to segments different objects.

The DCO platform automates the process of aggregating various advertising elements (such as images, headlines, descriptions, calls to action, and more) into personalized ads based on real-time data.

real-time and user properties.

The goal of the DCO platform is to improve the performance and effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns by tailoring advertising content to match the interests, behaviors and characteristics of each user.


We help advertisers simplify their ad management process and turn their display ads into a performance and native marketing tool.


With our proprietary Smart Tag technology, display ads can now be dynamically personalized at scale, simplifying the creative management process and dramatically improving display

advertising performance.


Our Creative Platform Adzymic

Cross Channel

Creative templates can be delivered cross-channel,


Geo Location

adzymic picks up user’s device IP address or leverage Lat/Long, Zip Code information from DSPs to serve up display ads that point user to a nearest retail location


adzymic supports wide range of DCO compatible e-commerce “Shoppable” ad templates and more

AI Technology

Use AI technology that combines data and creative to show only the most relevant messages on real time

Data Feed Management

Useful for advertisers who need product data to list products or create ads on marketplaces like Amazon,  Shopee, Lazada or other media channels such as facebook, Outbrain, Google Shopping and so on

Seamlesss Operation

From ad creation, campaign optimization to media  buying, all services are managed by adzymic ad ops team

Template-Based Creative Ads

Bring to the table win-win creative strategies to ensure a simplified ad creation process

Social Display Ad

(from Instagram) 300x600

Google Map




Product Ads


In-Banner Video


Video Marketplace


Feature Scroll Ad


Carousel Standards


Data Processing


Dynamic Creative Optimization has become a crucial tool for advertisers seeking to enhance the effectiveness of their digital advertising efforts by delivering tailored and engaging content to their target audiences.

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