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There has been a massive shift in digital advertising focus towards programmatic in the past couple of years. In Singapore alone, advertising spend on Programmatic is expected to take up more than 60% of overall advertising budgets by 2022. 


With the dramatic shift in global media consumption digitally coupled with the massive fragmentation across multiple screens, devices, websites and destinations meant that traditional media buying has become inefficient and advertisers are not effectively able to target the people they want to reach. Programmatic has become important for brand and marketers for 4 key factors:


Reach and Scale

The Internet is a big place and programmatic helps reach beyond any one customer / website to find  consumers wherever they happen to be


Customer journey

From awareness and branding to direct conversion, programmatic can engage that consumer wherever they are in the funnel



Advertisers get to choose what impression they want and not the publishers


Increased ROI

Better targeting/more relevant ads across the customer journey = increased ROI


At Osprey Media Lab, we have an independent trading desks that works across the entire programmatic ecosystem with best in class programmatic and ad tech partners to deliver insights-driven programmatic advertising capabilities to both brands and agencies.

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