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Professional. Precise. Perfect.

Osprey Media Lab delivers the "right content to the right audience" on the "right screen" and at the "right time". That is the success formula enabling Osprey Media Lab clients achieve better results at a better price and with lesser resources.

It is possible to target the audiences by their geographical location, operating systems, device, operating system version, connection type to the Internet, languages, by the telecommunications company they subscribed to, day parting, via frequency capping, gender, age, interest profiling, app categories and dynamic creative optimization. Historical locations and time spent at that location data is also available at select campaigns whereas it is also possible to build custom audience segments earlier for brands for their future campaigns and promotions.

Profiles such as professionals, students, homemakers, shoppers, parents, business travellers, leisure travellers and affluent segment are typically most desired groups for digital advertising campaigns. The profile information always gets updates as it gets refreshed once in every thirty days.

With the easy implementation of smart tags on all content and product pages; the power of dynamic creative optimization emerges, and it gets clearer to analyze what their engagement is about based on the target group's behaviours and pages information. Thereafter it generates the ads automatically based on the earlier gained information of titles, images and descriptions. And then users are shown relevant promotions based on the content they were engaged with using the site's first-party data.

This wonderful cycle consists of a collection of audience data via the strategically placed pixels on the site and then using these audience lists for re-marketing for the advertisers' campaigns. Professionally. Precisely. Perfectly.

Osprey Media Lab allocates dedicated resources to serve its client accounts, works closely with its clients for the optimized pricing and private marketplace opportunities, has abilities to extend the advertising options locally and regionally, tap into past campaign data to profile its client's audiences and reduces time and resource investments for its client and publishers through its centralized advertising management, billing and reporting functionalities.

For all your integrated campaigns that use both branding and performance intelligence to build awareness, increase conversions and drive greater efficiencies, contact us now.


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