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Digital Advertising is highly comprehensive, dynamic and demanding. Multiple parties such as agencies, trading desks, advertising networks, advertising technologies, demand side platforms (DSP), supply side platforms (SSP), real time bidding servers, auction services, data brokers, data management platforms, publisher's advertising network, publishers, advertisers and consumers all coexist in this whole operation.

Osprey Media Lab assumes liaison and mediating roles and ensures that all parties are operating cohesively towards the success of its client campaigns. With its dedicated resources servicing client accounts, Osprey Media Lab always works diligently to seize the optimized pricing and private marketplace opportunities. Through its highly valuable tie-ups with premium Demand Side Platforms (DSP) and a network of publishers, Osprey Media Lab assists its clients extend their advertising opportunities to include both local and regional budgets. Collection of data and profiling the audience from the client's past campaigns help to increase campaign efficiencies and re-populating new set of audience segment for the client's re-targeting purposes.

Working with multiple publishers and advertisers, platforms and systems naturally introduce a problem of non-standardized reporting which makes it difficult to collect, unify and collate the campaign report data for most advertisers. Osprey Media Lab does just that with centralized advertising management and billing which in return reduces the investments and resources of its clients through multiple parties.

On top of the operational functionalities, Osprey Media Lab reflects its knowledge and experiences in advertising technology solutions that include native advertising and video formats, advertising inventory management and third-party tracking methodologies and comprehensive research mechanisms to ensure high returns to its clients' advertising campaigns.

To boost your campaign efficiencies, exploit the full potential of digital advertising and enjoy the great homogenous operations, contact us now.

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