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There is No Easy Button

A paperboy on bicycle approaches, throws the newspaper to the doorstep and father of the house opens the door and collects the paper that's shown right on the doormat. Once he opens the paper, he reads aloud "Wow, that car is on sales now!". He saw the newspaper ad. And perhaps you remembered this scene or have seen something like that in one of the black and white movies.

Yes, those were the days. Ads were generic because of inabilities to target, sufficient tools to track the response and the functionalities of re-targeting were inexistent. When there is no clear target, how to re-target?

Digital advertising ecosystem enabled mass reach without borders. Time is of the essence in sales and marketing. It was since ever like that. There's immediate need to identify, locate and zoom to a target and re-target where necessary. Digital advertising is way beyond simple click counts or click through rate reporting. Today's major programmatic platforms that Osprey Media Lab has partnered with offer biddability, flexibility, controllability options to its advertisers with great optimization tools. While improving the efficiencies, these huge global partners help marketers experience more tailor-made solutions.

Think of an example of a recently married couple that is exploring to buy a family car. Most likely, it will be the husband who browses through the ranges of models that fits his requirements on local websites or respond to an ad. This is level 1. When he lands on the dealer's website, it is likely that he will visit the model specific page to gain more information of the model he is exploring together with images. That was level 2. He may wish to download the brochure of the model to share with his wife. This is level 3. As you observe, he is a step closer to his purchase and populating all necessary information for him to make his purchase decision. Best part for today's programmatic environment is that data he accumulates on his own profile, up to a certain extent is targetable (without any identifiable information). When this information meets the exchange wide ad serving technology, nothing stops the marketer to catch this user on a food review website, show the images of the car he was interested in and bundle some attractive deal information with the ad creative. Conversion is a step away now.

Then how did all these happen? Dealer's own customer relationship management data, data on the exchange that matches this target profile and relevant third-party data in market–in this case the information food review website revealed and enabled targeting. Intelligent software and servers manage all this show in a blink of the eye. Today's programmatic advertising is no longer operating on papers or manual processes.

Osprey Media Lab closely works with its clients to understand their target profiles and tagging structure to monitor performance returns; understands clearly how they are collecting the information and their access levels to their very own and third-party information and help them drive their businesses forward.

Delivering programmatic advertising with upright performance for client advantage is what Osprey Media Lab does. And there is no easy button.   


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