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DFS PRC 2018 Golden Week Campaign Case Study

World's leading luxurious travel retailer with presence at 11 major airports and 160 million visiting customers annually (2017 data), DFS Group has entrusted its digital advertising campaign to Osprey Media Lab for PRC 2018 Golden Week Campaign for the period 21 September–31 October 2018 which in return received successful results given the highly efficient strategic approach presented and applied by Osprey Media Lab.

The campaign had a core aim of driving "fashion" among tourists travelling to China and lead them to DFS outlets located in Terminal 3 Changi International Airport.

Key strategy Osprey Media Lab proposed and executed was a combination of the location targeting and Mobile Network functionality to target relevant target audiences across the top websites and applications. Especially creating Call -to- Action (CTA) display banners were highly effective as it initiated users clicking and then redeeming offers at DFS outlets as part of Golden Rewards–Shop More & Save Big campaign.

Although there was a highly specific target audience where the entire campaign was limited to their physical location and websites and applications they have interacted with, Osprey Media Lab's invaluable moderation of the campaign and timely tracking enabled the campaign to achieve over two-thirds higher click-through rates against average benchmarks and reduced the cost per click nearly half.

Potential challenges in this campaign were intense filtering of the target audience with their location and interests as well as conveying the correct message timely to convert them in the DFS outlets with CTA display banners and redemption processes. Exclusive in-store events, in-store treats, lucky draws, free-gifts when certain products are purchased were carefully planned and applied by the advertiser as well. DFS and Osprey Media Lab worked very closely, plan and strategized the campaign; involved Mobile Network targeting functionality and executed the campaign delivery seamlessly while achieving the desired results in terms of performances and cost-effectiveness.

A long-term client, DFS once again entrusted its campaign to Osprey Media Lab given its experiences in digital advertising and expertise in native advertising and enjoyed great returns to its digital advertisement investments.

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