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Case Study: Harvey Norman Campaign


Harvey Norman, a leading multi-national retailer for computers, home electronics, furniture and bedding for 57 years planned to leverage transactional activity on its online sales channel and appointed Osprey Media Lab for this important task.


Harvey Norman's online sales channel already hosts many e-commerce function and tools and adding a conventional cookie-based tracking approach is prone to requiring more preparation time for the campaign and manual extraction of data and reporting at a greater extent is likely to be inevitable.


Osprey Media Lab offered the implementation of Adzymic Smart Tag instead which allowed personalised dynamic ads to be shown to visitors based on their on-site interaction. With the implementation of Adzymic Smart Tag, user behaviour and journeys on Harvey Norman online sales channel were tracked efficiently. On top of that, with the upcoming conversion tracking capabilities, Harvey Norman will also have seamless experiences in truly an end to end tracking.

Throughout this exercise and most importantly, Adzymic Smart Tags generated Ads automatically and allowed Harvey Norman to scale their advertisement creative production with a single tag rather than following mainstream method of using product feed for tagging and tracking. By using Adzymic's Smart Tag technology, ads are constantly updated and allowed campaign to capture component on the pages such as “Discounted Price”, “Special Offer”, “Previous Price” etc.

Usage of Adzymic Smart Tags enabled effective tracking of target audiences that abandon or did not respond to promotions. Thereafter promotions and product pricing were updated efficiently, and ads were shown to similar audiences based on the pages they have visited earlier regardless of the device they use, including mobile and tablets.

As a result, Harvey Norman achieved the generation of 10K + product ads in a short period and personalized product ads ultimately fold and exceeded the target ROI (return on investment) at least 6 times.

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