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Brilliance of Having Right Teams

Advertising contains a complicated set of processes. While its dictionary definition suggests that advertising is a form of business drawing public attention to goods and services, digital advertising uplifts the gear and adds dynamism into processes, advertising materials, reports and even to the target audiences.

As the name suggests, digital advertising is operated on screens and sourcing, evaluating and purposing right target audience on the right screen, at the right time and at the right channel that has crucial importance to the overall campaign performances. With multi-level dimensions to include and operate a successful campaign requires highly skilled and dedicated teams.

From the campaign's initial brief until the complete exhaustion of the campaign, digital advertising calls for targeting, re-marketing, reporting, optimization, execution, delivery enhancements and constant monitoring of the campaigns to be in place. Different from the traditional media, there is no prime time for digital advertising as any given time that a target audience interacts with the touch points are considered as prime time in digital advertising.

Osprey Media Lab assumes dual roles assisting both the advertisers and publishers. While managing the advertisers' campaigns, Osprey Media Lab operates as a trading desk that handles media buying as a managed service. It mostly requires a technology with direct access to the Demand Side Platforms (DSP) to allow ad exchange to happen. The main purpose of this role is efficiency in operations and better results in campaign delivery.

At the other hand, Osprey Media Lab acts as a yield manager for the SSPs (Supply Side Platform) and help to monetize publishers' inventories to the furthest possible extent by improving their floor prices, fill rates, win ratio by adding more paid partners, creating funnels. With the continuously growing pattern of inventories, every impression counts and has the same commercial value to the publishers and partners. Therefore, Osprey Media Lab's role putting in efforts and contributing to monetization are highly valuable. Osprey Media Lab is a trusted partner to many key SSPs and direct publishers with a significant footprint in the geographical zones in South East Asia, manages a vast portfolio of advertisers, have a clear understanding of the needs and correct solutions to the problems.

While this demanding operation generally returns fruitful results if fulfilled diligently, an absolute dedication of a skilled team is a must. At Osprey Media Lab, highly committed account managers diligently attend to its clients' campaigns. While ensuring that every dollar spent is worth the performance-boosting efforts, Osprey Media Lab team are of great help to interpret the interim reports and converting them into actionable insights.

This not only allows timely modifications of the ongoing campaigns but more importantly is extremely instrumental gauging the target audience's responses. Management of varying platforms requires multi skills, knowledge and familiarities with the advertising technologies that Osprey Media Lab team are proud to be experts in. Additionally, customized advertising solutions are the team's forte which radically enhances the campaign, results and target user experiences.

To tap into Osprey Media Lab's experiences in digital advertising and expertise in native advertising to enjoy a great return to your digital advertisement investments, contact us now at: Osprey Media Lab.

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