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BRAND'S Suntory Asia Gift of Health for Christmas Campaign Case Study

BRAND'S Suntory Asia (BRAND'S), that commits promoting overall wellness in health, beauty and positive living has entrusted their "Gift of Health for Christmas" Campaign to Osprey Media Lab and got awarded with brilliant results.

During the Christmas season of 2018, BRAND'S planned to execute a campaign with an objective to create an awareness of their overall wellness in health. The principal target audience was set as engaged customers and Osprey Media Lap recommended utilization and targeting of users that existed with a record in LINE's database with a shopping interest. By leveraging on LINE's strong distribution channels, BRAND'S were offered various ad formats to execute their campaign and received great opportunities capturing the target audiences' attention across their user journeys.

Social media's broad presence is perfectly defined into a target scope by Osprey Media Lab for BRAND'S and with the correct targeting and monitoring tools, the desired audience was promoted the campaign message, results were captured and evaluated for BRAND'S re-marketing purposes. LINE was of great choice to run the campaign due to its highly dynamic and flexible platform offering a wide range of advertising option to its advertisers. Users' captured attention was gauged with the performance yields which suggested that the campaign managed to garner nearly double the clicks than the average benchmarks.

BRAND'S firm focus on its business and the message conveyed in the advertising campaign tallied with LINE's great exposure, reach and advertising opportunities which were planned, strategized, arranged, monitor and moderated by Osprey Media Lab throughout the campaign execution.

Osprey Media Lab has assisted yet another highly successful campaigns for BRAND'S–one of its long-term clients. With its significant experience in the vast majority of leading platforms, websites, networks, applications and advertising technologies, Osprey Media Lab will continue delighting its premium clients.

To boost your campaign performances and tap into Osprey Media Lab's experiences in digital advertising and expertise in native advertising to enjoy a great return to your digital advertisement investments, contact us now at:


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