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Stamina of the Display Advertising

Display Advertising in digital screens has been around for more than two decades and it just keeps evolving in parallel to emerging new needs in sales and marketing. Demand Side Platforms (DSP) are highly instrumental increasing the efficiencies of display ads given their power and advantage of obtaining user data from across the web. These may consist of information such as a user's age, gender, which demographics group he or she belongs to, and what they are interested in. This set of information, in part or full, is crucial in real-time bidding to ensure that every dollar spent on digital advertising worth the effort and ensures that the targeted user is someone that is most likely to purchase the product or service from the advertiser.

There is also a subset of Custom Audiences List, namely Lookalike Audiences. This group is typically generated from a source (for example users that has pixel data that's obtained from a webpage, mobile application or a fan page on social media platforms).

As mentioned above, Display Advertising offers enormous flexibilities, wonderful opportunities and it has great qualities adapting and responding to the market needs. There are literally unlimited combinations of formats, sizes, styles allowing the advertiser and campaign manager to think beyond any limitations.

While these theoretical concepts seem easy and straightforward, execution requires a lot of dedication, resource and science behind it. Osprey Media Lab (OML) has great solutions for its clients from display advertising to native advertising, programmatic approach to dynamic creative optimizations and smart targeting that puts together a full-fledged solution suits catering its clients' needs for better delivery performances, enhanced yields and improved control on ad expenditures.

To boost your campaign performances and tap into Osprey Media Lab's experiences in digital advertising and expertise in native advertising to enjoy a great return to your digital advertisement investments, contact us at: Osprey Media Lab.


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