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No Single Ad Network Has All Websites

It is possible for a website being listed on multiple networks at a different price. Ad networks sell the vast majority of online banner advertisements and they use ad serving. Then what is an ad network?

An ad network is a marketplace of aggregated advertising space put up on sale by publishers and advertisers who demand to buy that advertising space. It is a marketplace where exchange of goods and commercials take place. Item is up on sale, client likes it and purchases it. Main difference when compared to marketplace in your neighbourhood is that this exchange and the transaction takes place through an ad server. Ad server offers the convenience of merging the operations, introducing and enabling targeting settings, tracking of the campaigns and finally reporting tools.

Interim and final report data is crucial to marketers that allow them to gauge the performances of their campaigns and allow them making necessary changes timely and where necessary. While some marketers are after branding and reaching out to masses with impression focus, others might try to collect user interest to a campaign, generating leads or putting all marketing budget to sales conversions. Most ad networks provide versatile dashboards or unified campaign reporting ensuring operation efficiencies.

Otherwise, consolidation of various suppliers' varying format reports would be necessary. With many websites and networks out there in the marketplace, it is likely that some of them overlap and tied to multiple ad networks. Portion of ad networks already have working relationships with each other. In brief, the aim is the help marketers have extended reach to the supply. Desired performance metrics are the same: impressions, clicks, installs, video views and conversions. Therefore, everybody wins in this game.

Many of the networks have diverse verticals. This is helpful to the marketers as the same targeted user may roam across different channels and networks while he is still being the same target. That is the reason suppliers try to amalgamate their ad spaces while allowing the end sales price still dictating the winning buyer. Majority of the ad networks have footprint on display, mobile, video and some even in-game–which is most of the time a tailored solution.

Osprey Media Lab has strong working relationships with global supplier partners and assisted premium select clients such as DFS, Hawaii Tourism Authority, Strip, Browhaus, Euro Group, Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century Fox, Golden Village and MMCineplexes who entrusted their digital marketing efforts and in return achieved significantly high results to their digital advertising investments.   


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