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Importance of Having Right Partners

Osprey Media Lab partnered with Best-in-class Technology Providers that are recognized globally. Executing digital media campaigns online that is real time and requires utmost and continuous attention to details is as crucial as knowing the quality of the websites and networks that the campaign is scheduled to run, already running or has potential to run. Every day, there are new additions to the existing inventories with the introduction of the new websites, portals or expansion of existing ones. Not only the websites nowadays–even mobile applications and other gadgets too. This is great news for the exposure though.

However, inventory is only one of the tasks to address. Then need to understand the genre of the property, classify it correctly and examine its appropriateness for hygienic, safe advertising. It is not possible to contact and evaluate every property one by one for an advertiser or a sales partner or even a network. While content and back end mechanisms are highly dynamic, there should be some control mechanisms in place to ensure the quality and relevancy is matching with the intended goals.

Good news is that the majority of the well-known technology providers, ad exchanges and networks have satisfactory solutions addressing the concerns. In this way, they can examine, monitor and maintain the hygiene of the inventories they are opening for picks while the advertisers and their collaborating teams can better focus on the campaign dynamics.

Osprey Media Lab has partnered with great entities to offer the greatest solutions to its clients. Some of the key partners are: Adzymic, Outbrain, Ad serving partners (Sizmek Campaign Manager), Demand Side Platform (DSP) partners (i.e. DataXu, MediaMath, Oath Ad Platforms, Google Display and Video 360).

Each of these partners has its own key competencies. For example, Adzymic offers marvellous dynamic creative solutions by helping advertisers simplify the creative management process, transform their display advertising into native and performance marketing engines. Outbrain presents one of the most viable solutions for content marketing and native advertising while serving both the advertisers and publishers. Ad serving partners such as Sizmek not only facilitates the delivery processes but also have one of the greatest tools combining advertising creatives, data and media together which allows the system to optimize the campaigns and help advertisers make better-informed decisions. Demand Side Platform partners such as DataXu, MediaMath, Oath Ad Platforms, Google Display and Video 360 operate globally and open plenty of channels and a wide range of inventory selections to their advertisers. The science behind their technologies are one of the most competitive ones in the market and just keeps better. With Osprey Media Lab's involvement and hands-on monitoring, your advertising campaigns are held on the right screens, right time meeting the right audience – always.

Aim remains the same for all partners: Performance enhancements, automation of processes and actions based on the data collected from the delivery operations. This entire flow requires a lot of harmony amongst all the parties involved and sharing the mutual goals: better campaign performances and greater experiences for the advertiser.

In view of this, Osprey Media Lab has carefully identified and partnered with best-in-class technology partners available out there. Via its dedicated account management teams that monitors and optimizes the campaigns to boost the exposures and performances, Osprey Media Lab also ensures that its advertisers' campaigns are well taken care of and moderated very closely. To tap into Osprey Media Lab's experiences in digital advertising and expertise in native advertising to enjoy a great return to your digital advertisement investments, contact us now at: Osprey Media Lab.


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