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Case Study: SkillsFuture Campaign


SkillsFuture, a national movement in Singapore that aims to provide opportunities to all Singaporeans develop their fullest potential throughout life and get them continue being an important part of the economy and inclusive society would like to run a campaign creating awareness of self-improvement courses and encourage participation.


Given its broader range of target audiences (mass audience aged 25+) and generic nature of the product being promoted; campaign required a concurrent focus on 4Ps: Prospecting, Preparedness, Persuasiveness and Promotion.


For this campaign, Osprey Media Lab proposed to SkillsFuture the strategy of a holistic approach to expand the reach and drive user traffic across relevant key platforms. Search Engine Marketing (Prospecting), advertising via Programmatic, Social Media, Google Display Network, JobStreet (Promotion), continuous assessment of the campaign results (Preparedness) and Remarketing (Persuasiveness) activities were purported.

Search Engine Marketing efforts enabled interacting opportunities with users that used relevant keywords in their searches like job searching, personal improvement, skills upgrade courses, qualifications. Identification, selection and predefinition of relevant keywords were crucial to meet exact target audiences.

While programmatic provided an immediate boost to campaign delivery across a broad range of portals with matching target user profile and interests, Social Media, Google Display Network and JobStreet conterminously reached out to exact target audience profiles with their display advertisements.

Campaign delivery and its performances were closely monitored and attended to details where Osprey Media Lab Team swiftly nominated group of users for re-targeting across all enabled channels that have shown little, partial or full interests but not acted upon yet.

All this multi-channel and organized drive yielded over-delivery of planned impressions by 50% and doubled the number of clicks against the projected. Campaign performed effectively with click-through rates being double of that was planned.

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