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Case Study: NTUC FairPrice On Campaign


Singapore's largest supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice, that has more than 100+ outlets and operates additional 50 outlets for Cheers convenience stores had an objective leveraging online purchases and aimed conversions through personalized re-targeting on its FairPrice On e-commerce portal.


Prospect and expand the reach and drive user traffic to FairPrice On concurrently while also re-targeting non-converted previously visiting users with personalized re-targeting through the use of dynamic ads.


Osprey Media Lab introduced FairPrice On its Adzymic Smart Tags for this campaign which in return allowed FairPrice On to launch the campaign in a matter of days rather than months which is not typical for conventional methods using dynamic ads. Additionally, by using Adzymic Smart Tags' unique and customized nature, not only the frequent shoppers, online shoppers and grocery shoppers were targeted but also those who visited FairPrice On earlier and yet to be converted.

With the correct strategy of combining objectives of prospecting and converting users via the active usage of unique and customized Adzymic Smart Tags, FairPrice On achieved the high performing delivery of more than 15K personalized re-targeting ads within a short period. Privacy-conscious public has taken to deleting cookies regularly in their browser. Instead of using yesterday’s cookie technology, Adzymic uses Browser Fingerprinting Technology, which allows Osprey Media Lab clients have accuracy up to 90% for identification.

As a result of easily created dynamic ads and bypassing the back-end legacy technical issues faced by advertisers, FairPrice On campaign exceeded cost per purchase target by 3 times and drove incremental revenue by 10%.

Entire exercise not only helped streamline the processes and preparation time but also helped advertising creative issues faced by creative agencies and reduced creative costs which in return enabled increased return of investments in advertising expenditure.

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