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Better Engagement with Native Ads

Things change fast and time flies by. Only a decade ago, nobody clearly understood the real potential of social media, video advertising and programmatic advertising due to lack of hands-on experiences. Yes, sponsorships did exist on digital content and its sponsors’ labels were visible, but they helped the branding part of marketing practices most of the time.

Engagement. Indeed "Better Engagement" is what today's marketers are after. They are in need for an advertising element that is in line with the platform or portal content, homogenous, integrates beautifully and conveys the advertising message naturally to the visitor. Expected results? Generation of high-quality traffic, good quality leads with a significant volume. And of course, very low or no bounce rates.

Digital Publishers, Networks and all Supplying Platforms did not delay responding to such demand and introduced "Native Ads". Native Ads consist several key components such as metadata information, headline, image thumbnails, content URL, descriptive text and any other informative context that integrates with the site's template design and appears as a native part of the site rather than an element that exhibits any behaviors of a conventional ad. Back end of this operation works is momentaneous where bidding, decision, granting and delivering all happens within the count of seconds. Real time delivery, increased engagement and higher conversions are typical outcomes of diligent and well-prepared digital campaigns.

We had a similar but a little primitive practice around for a while now such as "sponsored results", "in-feed units", "promoted product listings" so and so forth. One of the best executors of native ads is Google that displays sponsored results at the top of search listings that follows the site's template design and has the same look and feel with the rest of the content. This is obviously very eye-catching, integrated to the search results and positioned at the top of the page where visitor usually starts reading from. And perhaps it can generate better performances given its relevancy to the searched key phrases. Everything that is necessary to impregnate "Engagement" is present in this setup.

Native Advertising have great qualities to serve advertisements to targeted audiences at a scale and in real time with the power of programmatic advertising. Its highly flexible structure enables seamless customization options to marketers that can optimize their advertising units on programmatic platforms seamlessly.

"Better Engagement" is the key focus. Native Ads are the tools required achieving planned goals towards this focus. With its strong working relationships with significantly scaled solution providers, Osprey Media Lab reflects its regional insights with a local touch to its clients to help them succeed in their digital advertising campaigns imminently.


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