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Adzymic's Response to Dynamic Creative Management Platform: P.A.D.

PAD. "Performance". "Automation". "Data-driven". PAD is Adzymic's response to dynamic creative management platform works. While transforming display banners look like native ads and boosting the delivery and response performances, Adzymic gets them created in the shortest possible time and ensures seamless automation. During the deliveries, optimization and personalisation are made at a scale based on the findings and actionable insights sourced from the data captured.

Adzymic helps advertisers simplify creative management processes, transform their display advertising into native and performance marketing engines using the above said 3 core concepts: Performance. Automation. Data-driven.

Native Content Creative and Management is operating as a self-serve service. Content Ads are accepted in widely used forms of HTML 5 and AMP formats. There is full integration with all major ad servers and DSP (Demand Side Platforms) vendors. It is possible, indeed advisable nowadays to run in-Banner Videos (i.e. YouTube, Interactive video). Machine learning aids optimisation engines and changes are reflected nearly real-time. On top of that, entire processes and application platforms are mobile-optimised.

All major display ad dimensions are recognized for easy execution and there is maximum acceptance across a wide range of DSP (Demand Side Platform) and publisher network partners. Adzymic offers enhanced smart re-targeting capabilities to its clients that allows dynamic ads to be shown to the users based on their interaction with the sites they are visiting. At the initial stage, smart tags are placed on all content pages and they collect the user's behaviour patterns and information about the pages they interact with. Based on this data, Adzymic automatically generates ad units referring to the title, image and description of the pages that the user has previously interacted or presently interacting. And finally, the user receives relevant promotion ads based on articles they interacted with.

In brief, Adzymic Dynamic Creatives Solution and programmatic targeting control and drive the whole advertising processes from the awareness to consideration and to actions.

Osprey Media Lab offers powerful Adzymic Dynamic Creative Solutions to its clients and boosts campaign exposure and performances via programmatic platforms. To tap into Osprey Media Lab's experience and expertise and enjoy great return to your digital advertisement investments, contact us now.


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