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Smart(er) Re-Targeting with Adzymic

Touch points. Traceability. Acquisition of information. Interaction. Conversion. These are only a small set of digital advertising ecosystem. Aim is still the same though: understanding what the user is about, what the user likes, finding a solution that the said user likely to be responding to.

Adzymic uses Smart Re-Targeting in its operations. First, Adzymic Smart Tags are placed at all article or product pages to register users' behaviours on the page and to understand what the page or product is about. To do this, Smart Tags retrieve titles, images and description information from the pages visited. Afterwards, state of art technology generates the most compelling and likely to be responded advertising creative to be shown to the said users across its portfolio of ad networks, sites and pages, still using the first party data. For example, if the user enquired and visited "dim sum buffets in Singapore", the same user is likely to come across with "dim sum buffets in Singapore" or its derivative ads across one of the advertising networks, sites or pages. Given the relevancy and recent encounter of the user, ads will continue re-targeting the user "smartly" and ensure high performance returns to the advertiser. Entire process is seamless and through native ads that commix with the site it's displayed at. Such intelligent tracking enables prospecting similar audiences across the networks and boost the efficiencies.

While simplifying the re-targeting operations and making the efforts smarter, Adzymic still follows the logical sequences of user journey. It drives awareness through prospecting, affinity and 3rd party targeting then funnels to collecting 1st party audience data after which starts re-targeting the select portfolio via personalized advertisement and finally drives leads using re-targeting lead generation forms.

Key benefits of Adzymic Creative Solutions are invaluable: quick setup, cookie-less, automated advertisement creation, fully compatible to all major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and ensures a complete and clear transparency.

Adzymic Dynamic Creative Solutions up-shifted the gear in creative solutions arena. Please contact Osprey Media Lab now to find out more.


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