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Marketing Performance and Performance Marketing

It is imperative to understand real-time auction systems, digital advertising concepts and search engine marketing tools all together to have a comprehensive and potentially very successful advertising campaign. That will allow advertiser and marketers to have direct access to performance results and the ability to have the static report figures convert into actionable insights.

While it is a science of art technologies that operate real-time bidding systems, qualified skills and dedicated focus on the live stream of activities typically yield desired results once appropriate optimization steps are introduced and applied.

Strategies depend on the business goals and exclusively direct the overall route of the campaign. For instance, if that is the lead generation the client is trying to achieve, preparation, execution, optimization and repurposing, as well as the reporting outcome, would be way different from a campaign that was endeavouring brand awareness. A good strategy shall consist of a strong team.

Digital marketing enables a long-term route map for a product, service or a client. Performance marketing depends on clearly identified and defined business goals to be remunerated based on conversions or optimizations made.

With an ever-expanding pool of digital assets together with their enormous amount of traffic, transaction, user and engagement data; marketing performances nowadays mostly depend on performance marketing effort and its yields. Continuous attention to the campaign performances, optimization, repurposing, re-monitoring and re-optimization is daily ongoing tasks for any performance marketing that's responding to marketing performance.

For a campaign that aims to lead quite many potential users to act, respond to the call via clicking, installations, views or social media followings are only a few measurable metrics that exist on any performance marketing campaign. Although the immediate and immense response to the campaign may not reflect instantly on the advertiser's revenue and profits, it will certainly leave a significant trace and it will be the job of re-marketing and re-targeting task forces of the strategy team to follow up.

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