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Dynamic Ads with Adzymic

Efficiency is crucial in Digital Advertising Business. Adzymic offers a terrific and a dynamic solution to creative tasks: Automating ads generation and allowing its clients scale their ad productions with a single ad tag. Different from the old method of using cookies on every single page and product for tracking, Adzymic combines tracking, advertisement creative generation, delivery all into a single step and fuels up your digital advertising efforts with a huge dynamism.

Adzymic's quick setup enables its clients use it almost instantly upon activation rather than waiting for days or weeks. Its cookie-less concept is a perfect answer to users with privacy concerns where Adzymic only gauges user's interaction with the site by testing the page information that the user has interacted. In this way, it is possible to have a clearer understanding of the user's engagement and then to approach them with the most relevant advertising campaigns. Again, ultimate purpose here is to ensure that the user's privacy concerns are addressed and offering them advertising campaigns they are most likely to respond to. The technology Adzymic rides on is Browser Fingerprinting that has up to 90% accuracy rate in matching the user's interests with the campaigns promoted.

Single tag practice that Adzymic adapted allows seamless update of the ads and capturing the refreshing page information with no new efforts or modifications. Its perfect compatibility to all major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) such as Doubleclick Bid Manager, DataXu, MediaMath and Google Display Network brings the client's campaign to the next level straightaway.

Campaign reports are decipherable and provides information on how the data has been collected, matched and counted at furthest possible extent. Full integration to Smart Targeting and Dynamic Sequencing are the products of a serious state of science at the back-end technologies to serve its clients and end users better.

To add great dynamism to your digital advertising efforts, boost your campaign efficiencies and exploit the Adzymic's powerful advantages, contact us now at Osprey Media Lab.


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