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Case Study: Yun Nam Campaign


Yun Nam Hair Care, a well-known heritage brand since 1984 that offers its efficacy in helping countless customers recover from hair and scalp problems would like to promote a tactical campaign in line with Singapore’s 53rd National Day.


Merging four objectives into one: Engaging shoppers, having a significant footprint across social media, leveraging a database of users with shopping interest, capturing their attention and doing these within a limited period.


Osprey Media Lab proposed to Yun Nam Line’s Shopping channel. Line is a freeware application on social media context that offers instant communication via text messages, images, voice over IP, video, audio and has a prominent footprint across Asian markets.

Focusing primarily on boosting the Yun Nam’s campaign on Line’s Shopping Channel and abilities exploiting the advantage using the publisher’s database to identify users with specific shopping interest, Osprey Media Lab released the campaign through multiple ad formats, boosted the reach and promoted the conversion while capturing the target audiences’ utmost attention.

Line hosted the campaign at its official Shopping channel which facilitated the operations and mitigated all possible uncomplying tracking scripts. Efficient and correct utilization of user database with specific targeting measures was supported by push notifications and this yielded positive results in user conversion.

Campaign interacted the users via timeline posting, landing pages, rich messages and menus and eventually push notifications that had perfect abidance with the nature of all Line applications.

Cross platform existence of Line applications and advantages of tools delivering the campaign swiftly enabled the expected click-through rates (CTR) to fold by 2 times and the campaign was exhausted successfully within the stipulated period.

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