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Adzymic Key Value Propositions

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the values that are measurable and demonstrate how a project is achieving pre-defined key business objective: exactly what the entire corporate world is steadily after. In dynamic environments such as digital advertising ecosystems, this carries an additional importance as time is of the essence and any and everything digital is trackable, reportable and actionable.

An advertising campaign consists a message, product, time and venue in its preparations. While message and products are self-explanatory, time and venue matter in the digital platforms. There is no prime time on the Internet as any moment there is a user interaction is already considered as a "prime time". Likewise, it does not hold a crucial role to specify at which venue the user will be seen and shown the promotion as we do not expect users to stick to a single website forever.

This introduces the need to get prepared to cater to countless websites' requirements for advertising creative and tagging them individually to be able to track the users' interaction and journey. Not forgetting, there are many digital advertising servers and reporting formats that are not necessarily unified. Consolidation of data might take quite some time and optimization actions can be delayed causing the nearly converted users to be missed.

Adzymic's Key Value Propositions address all these concerned points. Advertising creative creation is fast, seamless and easy. No design is required. Advertisers can reduce costs on advertising banner production and resources. Optimization of ongoing campaigns are real-time and uses machine learning algorithms. On top of that all the above mentioned are fully compliant with all industry leading ad serving technologies, advertising exchanges and Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).

Adzymic's "smart" solutions are often preferred showing product ads to the users that have recently browsed the products but did not complete the transactions; promote most popular articles and content; recommendation of products based on the relevancies of their previously engaged products and excluding the content that has been viewed by the user.

Adzymic Dynamic Creative Solutions do not only smartly enhance its processes but up-shifted the gear in creative solutions arena. Please contact Osprey Media Lab now to find out more.


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