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5 things you didn't know you could do with banner ad.

With help from Dynamic Creative Management Platform, advertisers can now create banner ads easily. Here are 5 things you probably didn't know you could do with display advertising.

1. You can create multi-links banner ad.

Probably 99% of banner ads have only one destination url. But what happens if you need to promote multiple offers, contents or products? Often, you will create multiple ads and let them rotate. But do you know that instead of creating multiple ads, you can create display ads in carousel or list format?

See example of Multi-links banner ads below:

2. You can embed video into banner ad.

According to Millenial Media, Engagement on video was 5x that of standard banners. But do you know that you can have best of both world? Using In-banner ads to to promote video? The biggest advantage of In-banner video is that the display inventory is abundant and there is no lack of inventory available to promote in-banner videos, and the same targeting that applies to banner ads, can be use for in-banner videos. You can even have the option of embedding youtube video on banners.

See examples of In-banner videos below:

3. You can place entire article on banner ad

One biggest challenges for banner ad is that it distract audience when they are in the midst of browsing. So that's why Click-through rate usually range from 0.05 to 0.2%. . It's disruptive to user browsing behaviour as the click will lead to another landing page while they are in the midst of reading a piece of article or browsing through news feed. So instead of disrupting the browsing experience, why not bring the content directly into display ad and user can scroll the ad and consume the content directly on a banner ad.

See examples of scrolled ad:

4. You can share banner ad on social media

Making banner works harder for you? One easy way is to insert a social button for user to share the content or promotion. It's also a way to track how engaging your ads are and whether the content or promotion are worth sharing.

See examples of ads with social sharing buttons:

5. You can place lead generation form directly on banner ad

Another ad format made popular by social media - Lead Gen Ad. By placing form submission directly on display ad, audience can submit their profile directly on display ad instead of linking to a website for form filling. In this way, it shorten the acquisition process and allow user to submit information without leaving the site.

See examples of lead gen ad below.

And the best part? You can create all the above easily with us! Submit your enquiry on above lead gen ad and we will show you how. :)


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