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One Ticket

All along, one size fits for all is not found to be a viable option in digital advertising. However, having "one ticket" to access to numerous exchanges, premium publishers, many networks, various platforms such as mobile and videos not only facilitates the operations but also boosts the exposure potential to its max.

While the Server-Side Platforms (SSP) utilize efficient software managing the inventory sales transactions to Demand Side Platforms (DSP), other ad networks and exchanges in real-time, they also ensure having greater control on their inventories and its sales prices by closely monitoring eCPMs.

Executing a performance campaign on Real-time Bidding (RTB) that has access to several other publishers, networks and exchanges using a single ticket does not require advertisers or DSP users to clone their campaign settings individually per connected platforms as one ticket ensures one beautiful master setup. Various platforms or networks may require additional advertising elements that can be fed to the master campaign settings and will get distributed along the way as long as the purchase attempt of the inventory was successful and the campaign was awarded the inventory as a result of successful bidding activity.

One ticket on RTB mechanisms allows more time for advertisers to study the big data, work on precise audience targeting, creativity and machine learning instead of forcing them to work on individual campaign setups, separate media strategies and campaign materials. All can be controlled from a centralized flight deck: a skilled resource's desk who will be overseeing the delivery reports, working purchase prices and well-performing advertising materials. Optimizations efforts at advertiser and DSP side survive throughout the campaign both hunting for the best purchase price and accessing to the best quality inventory possible on the planet.

Our skilled resources at Osprey Media Lab, work round the clock to ensure client delight. We win together with our clients.

To boost your campaign performances and tap into Osprey Media Lab's experiences in digital advertising and expertise in native advertising to enjoy a great return to your digital advertisement investments, contact us at: Osprey Media Lab.

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