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Connection. Engagement. Transaction

Advertising is defined in the dictionaries as "A public promotion of some product or service". While this is true, reaching out to total masses without any form of filtering will be extremely costly. For centuries, there were at least a basic form of targeting, simple clustering in advertising: country-wide, state-wide, neighbourhood-wide etc. This limited the exposure only to the potential target group and continued focusing on them to drive sales. Probably tropical climate regions did never see advertisements for ground heaters that are used in colder climates during the winter times. It would be irrelevant. Here, there existed a targeting by geography.

Similarly, targeting is an essential option in digital advertising. It has amazing capabilities such as allowing the advertiser to repurpose the ad creative or customize it. Does anyone remember seeing their usernames on one of the advertising banners or texts on a website they logged in before? How does that happen? Or did you ever responded to a product advertisement but stopped browsing the information in the midway, but the product kept following you wherever you visit on the Internet regardless of the genre of the websites you visit? And probably it would be using alternating creatives to maintain attracting your attention and will restlessly try driving you to transactions.

There are if-then-else routes in digital advertising too and all paths have a clear objective since the beginning: customer acquisition. Through several ad creatives and personal or non-personal customizations, digital teams first endeavour to establish a connection, followed by engagement and finally a transaction. Be it a banner advertisement, content, text or video creative. Based on your search phrases or the genre of the property you are visiting, dynamic creative ads have understanding capabilities and able to serve ads that reflect your existing interests. Ultimately this will yield much better performances given the fact that potential customer is nearly pinpointed and pending transaction.

To boost your campaign performances and tap into Osprey Media Lab's experiences in digital advertising and expertise in native advertising to enjoy a great return to your digital advertisement investments, contact us at: Osprey Media Lab.


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