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At Your Service, with Better Tools and Methodologies

Osprey Media Lab is an expert in programmatic advertising which automates the processes and decisions driven by the data powered by the machines. Outcome? Huge savings in valuable time, significant reductions in advertising creative setup costs but magnificent campaign performance delivering glorious results.

How is this possible? Osprey Media Lab "streamlines" the processes and centralizes the buying from advertising exchanges, Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) and ad networks; it "reaches" platforms that has over 15 billion ad impressions daily worldwide; provides stronger pricing power to its advertisers with better control through "real-time bidding" mechanisms and finally "unifies" campaigns via real-time management reporting through a single dashboard.

While hand sold sponsorships, premium inventory and audience targeted inventory represents only a portion of the total inventory that the publishers manage, rest is still open for picks as targeted inventory and remnant inventory. There are distinguished teams dealing with such segmented inventories too, namely media teams, programmatic buying teams and private ad exchanges and real time bidding teams as different approaches require an exclusive focus on certain aspects of the campaign objectives.

Osprey Media Lab offers its clients "universal targeting options" to reach out to wider unique audiences across multiple ad networks, social networks, premium websites; receive "more granularity" that buyers can pick the required impressions and able to bid at the impression level which might yield a better return on investments; "better control on advertising expenditure" where buyers can take the lead and make buying decisions in real time; and coarsely "more insights" that allows the buyers optimize their campaign in a better way.

In brief, Osprey Media Lab has the best in class tools and methodologies to cater to its advertisers' needs from media planning to programmatic buying, targeting options to dynamic creative optimization and is always at your service.

For all your integrated campaigns that use both branding and performance intelligence to build awareness, increase conversions and drive greater efficiencies, contact us now.   


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