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173M. Yes, "173 million potential impressions a second" is what Osprey Media Lab has access to and brings to its clients to operate their campaigns. Every single day, total pool of its network inventory is mounting to more than 15 billion impressions. And there are wonderful targeting opportunities to fine tune the campaigns.

Most often preferred option is country targeting. While this is the easiest way to contain the campaign reach within a pre-set geographic zone, GPS (Global Positioning System) and Telco Carriers also play a part in better refinements. These enable the advertising campaign to reach out to those who are not only physically in the defined country but also on a pre-defined neighbourhood or a boulevard or at the vicinity of a shopping mall. Moreover, gender, age and interest profiling may kick in to pinpoint the exact target user to exhibit the campaign messages.

173million potential impressions a second is a huge number and there are additional targeting options to tap into. Popular targeting options are operating systems (i.e. IOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, MacOS) or even operating system version (i.e. Windows7), gadgets (i.e. desktop computer, mobile handset or tablet), connection type (i.e. 3G/Wi-Fi), device language, day parting (i.e. a pub client's happy hour advertising from 4pm to midnight), frequency caps, application categories to match the interest and dynamic creative optimization to keep and enhance target users' interests.

Above said options are the broad audience segments that were profiled based on the historical locations and time spent on target location. It is also possible to build and maintain custom audiences for the brands that wish targeting and response data to be re-used in their future re-targeting campaigns and promotions.

Osprey Media Lab has access to global premium inventories with great targeting options. To boost your campaign efficiencies and exploit the full potential of digital advertising, contact us now.


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